What is In & Down, and what services do you provide?

In & Down, named after the practice of bringing one’s attention inward to the lower abdomen, exists to help others cultivate an inner landscape of awareness, hold more compassion for themselves and others, and forge powerful social and spiritual connections. In & Down utilizes the Enneagram to provide typing interviews and one-on-one coaching services to increase self-awareness and facilitate personal growth.

Corey Springer, a counselor in Nashville, Tennessee, founded In & Down at the beginning of 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. After several years of earnest self-study and daily engagement with his own personal growth work related to the Enneagram, Corey enrolled in the Enneagram Professional Training Program through The Narrative Enneagram school in 2019 to learn how to incorporate Enneagram wisdom into his work with clients. Corey founded In & Down to provide Enneagram-based coaching services to people interested in self-improvement and psycho-spiritual work.

Note: The services provided through In & Down are coaching services and are distinct from counseling services. While Corey’s education and training as a counselor will inevitably be present in coaching sessions, the coaching process is markedly different in nature from counseling. If you receive coaching services through In & Down, you agree that they do not constitute a therapist-client relationship with Corey, which is a separate service NOT provided by In & Down. If you need referrals for counseling services in the area, we are happy to provide you a list of local (Nashville, TN) recommendations.

What is the Enneagram, and how do you use it with coaching clients?

The Enneagram is a personal growth and spiritual development tool that provides a common language for doing internal work with more curiosity, compassion, and clarity. You can learn how to recognize the inherent strengths and blind spots from your distinct vantage point and access new ways of living without the limitations of personality. You can also find more fulfillment in your career and relationships.

If you’d like help identifying and relaxing the strategies that are no longer serving you and keeping you from being the best version of yourself, working with a professionally trained Enneagram coach or practitioner may be a good fit for you.

During his first Enneagram course, Corey heard Helen Palmer, the program’s co-founder, challenge those in attendance to relax into breathing, bring their focus of attention inward, and “follow the breath in and down.”

Our experience of the world is heavily impacted by where we place our focus of attention. Conscious breathing helps us connect with our body, which is living in the present moment. Bringing our awareness “in and down” allows us to identify and relax our rigid and habitual patterns that are keeping us from being the best version of ourselves.