The following testimonials were written by coworkers, friends, and colleagues and not by clients due to the counseling profession’s ethics regarding client confidentiality and dual relationships.

“Corey is an excellent listener with a keen desire to understand what his clients are going through. His intelligence and creativity are assets to his effectiveness as a therapist. He has a calm, nonjudgmental presence that makes it easy for people to openly discuss their problems and concerns.”

-Grant, Marriage & Family Therapist, TN

“Corey has a natural gift for creating a warm, caring atmosphere. He carries with him a gentle nature wherever he goes. His thoughtfulness and empathetic character are much needed strengths in today’s disconnected world. His natural intuition gives him keen insight into navigating the emotional world of both himself and others. He brings to conversations a sincere focus and relational intentionality that leaves you feeling seen and understood.”

-Zachary, Graphic Designer & Artist, NC

“I have known Corey for a couple years now and have greatly enjoyed his friendship. He is intentional, I know that I can trust his opinion and his intent because he does not enter into things lightly. Corey knows depth and naturally invites people to go below the surface. He’s a safe place for me and others.”

-Lauren, Marriage & Family Therapist, TN

“Corey is smart, insightful, and passionate about helping others overcome their own obstacles. He’s been extremely helpful to me at helping me understand my own personality and underlying drivers, always taking the time to listen carefully and ask thought-provoking questions.”

-Daniel, Business Process Engineer, TN

“Corey displays the genuine ability to embody attunement [responding well to others’ emotional states], regardless of the challenges that may persist. Throughout our friendship, Corey has displayed true acceptance and unconditional positive regard. By creating space, a platform for new ideas, and room for creativity, he embodies innovation and development for new systems of change.”

-Dominique, Marriage & Family Therapist, TN

“If there is one person to have on your side, it’s Corey. What I love about him is his ability to see my perspective, validate my experience, and then show me a better way.”

-Da’jaun, Interior Designer, NC

“One of Corey’s strengths is his ability to empathize and understand what other people are feeling. I think he’s good at reading people’s emotions, and when he senses someone may be sad or upset or just not themselves, he reaches out to them.”

-Stephen, Actor, TN