We provide a safe place for you to explore your extensive inner world and learn how to effectively understand your story and journey with others.

The heart’s journey often includes encounters with depression, anxiety, shame, grief and loss, core emotions, career aspirations, and life goals or dreams.

The soul’s journey encompasses our process of self-development and personal growth, perception of purpose and meaning, relationship to our faith, and recovery from traumas or crises.

The body’s journey leads us to practice self-care, understand our bodies’ reactions to emotional distress, and incorporate exercise, sleep, and good nutrition.

The mind’s journey involves tasks of examining patterns in our life stories, navigating life decisions and transitions, learning to recognize unhelpful thinking patterns (cognitive distortions), recognizing expired coping strategies, and facing addictions.

Our journey with others entails understanding issues with our family of origin and other relationships, setting healthy boundaries, development secure attachments, learning advanced communication skills, and redefining our sense of social identity and belonging.

We hope you will allow us to be part of your journey toward growth and healing. Call or email us today to get started on your quest for a renewed you.