We encourage our clients to equip themselves with a life perspective that promotes personal growth.

We chose the name Quest Life Counseling because we were inspired by the concept of the “hero’s journey” (Edward Burnett Tylor, Joseph Campbell), a style of storytelling in which the characters embark on a quest that results in significant personal growth.

This quest often includes a departure from home, survival of challenges and trials, a mentor, a search for restoration, conquering of fears, a renewal of strength and hope, a victory over antagonists, and finally the character’s return home as a matured version of himself or herself.

We are educated in systems theory and draw elements from several notable therapy models, including narrative therapy (David Epston and Michael White), emotionally focused therapy (Sue Johnson), internal family systems (Richard Schwartz), the Gottman Method (John & Julie Gottman), and solution focused therapy (Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg).

Quest Life Counseling’s founder and counselor, Corey, also utilizes the Enneagram (a powerful self-development tool) in his work with clients. Corey has been diligently studying the Enneagram since 2014 by reading both classic and modern Enneagram books, consuming a variety of basic and advanced workshops, attending Enneagram-focused community and group discussions, and applying it to his own self-development journey, marriage, and friendships.

We help you discover the power to understand and reclaim your own quest narrative, your real life story.

We will inevitably go through situations that are out of our control on our journey through life, and these experiences will undoubtedly contribute to our life stories. We can’t always choose what happens, but we can choose what to focus on and how to respond as we move forward.

It’s easy for many of us to define ourselves by our “problems,” or the parts of our life story we’d rather erase. Some of us end up spending more time with feelings like anger, shame, and fear than with feelings like joy and peace. We can end up feeling stuck during these stretches of our journeys.

With a little help, you can learn how to use your map, recalibrate your compass, and embark on a quest for a renewed you.